Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turn it upside down-Revolution not Reform

We should think of revamping the subjects which we teach to the children now in schools.It doesn't have much relevance to the day to day life.Basic skills are ignored and alien ideas are pushed  into the minds.The ultimate purpose of exams are not achieved,evaluation should be stressed instead of exams.A boy of Class IX should know how to fill the Draft form in a Bank and be able to calculate the volume of wooden planks.Our system doesn't build confidence in our children, instead creates passive listeners who never ask questions.This is a generalized idea of our educational system.Applicability of knowledge is always ignored.We cannot think beyond the values created by our own system .
 Our generation is the product of the same old values which still believes in sending the children to school for a better earning.The so called educated people are often we find cheated by the socially deviated people.We never taught the children to discriminate between genuine and fakes,never ever taught them to free themselves from greed,fear,anger etc.and left this to Religions.Quest or Curiosity is not awakened in them.Narrowness or living in tight compartments in life is more convenient for many who never think out of the box and allow the coming generation to do so.Justifying their actions and acting with a preconceived notion with their conditioned mind is a Crime and not a Sin.
  What is right yesterday no more hold any ground today,except certain time tested moral values.Even moral codes may vary from society to society.All this I learned when I taught and thought in the school,but  I learn when I teach my children at home and observe their actions."Child is the father of Man".We should groom the children to adopt and practice healthy attitudes so that they become a balanced individuals.